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What is Plus63Media?

Plus63Media is a small startup company based in the Philippines and is publicly owned by Joy de Guzman. We provide task-based internet marketing services. So instead of purchasing our services in an hourly or fixed rate, we provide you a complete strategic marketing plan where you can choose which tasks should be done for your business.

Our team is committed to providing results. Because we believe that every businesses are unique, we always conduct in-depth researches, analyze, and develop strategies before we put them in our list of services. However, we also know that there are strategies that will only work to a specific industry. That's the reason we perform individual tests based on goals.


Our Mission

Objectively produce high quality services for online businesses by finishing the tasks requested by clients to our virtual assistants.


Our Values

Proactively envision the goal of the task requested by clients to know how they are going to be used as part of their internet marketing efforts.


Our Solution

We have already hired the right person for you and the right internet marketing tools that they will use to finish a task that you plan to request from us.

Hey I'm Joy de Guzman, the owner of Plus63Media

I have more than seven years of experience in the internet marketing industry gained from working for various companies around the world -- Focus Outsourcing and Global Workforce, High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd., Golden Street Media, Our Wishing Well, HarryPound Consultants Inc., Sports Bookie Online Inc., Here to Care for Seniors, C&M Tech Ltd, and A2D Entertainment Ltd.

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